AIM Parenting Classes

You deserve the education and support to feel confident and in control of the most important job you will ever have!

In today’s fast-paced and frenzied world, we often lack the guidance and the practical tools to raise children who truly care. AIM parenting classes focus on how to raise responsible children who integrate gratitude, compassion, self-control and self-esteem into their daily lives. When parents incorporate these concepts as well as the tools they learn, not only will children grow to become responsible adults, but parents become more confident, in-control, and happier with family life.

Here are just a few examples of parenting topics I cover:

Back to School Blues: How To Handle Battles Over Homework, After-School Activities and Social Drama

How to Build Your Childs Character NOT Just Their Resume

Why Punishments Do Not Work: How to Set Limits And Establish Consequences That Really Work!

Defining the Line between Parenthood And Friendship

How To Cultivate Self-Esteem In A Social Media World

Raising Kids In A Privileged World: Tackling The Entitlement Issue

Stop The Yelling & Nagging! Build Positive Communication And Respect

Helicopter Parenting: Why Its Hurting Our Kids And How To Step Back

Interested in a different topic? Let’s talk! I am passionate about speaking to parent groups in various settings. If you would like to host a parenting class or series or would like to book me for your next event, please contact me.