“I wanted to back out of going to a networking event, but I knew I had to report back to Amy and didn’t want to tell her that I weaseled out of it. I forced myself to go to that event and ended up landing a new client there for my business. Accountability in the coaching process really helped me achieve more goals than I ever imagined.” – M.M.

“I have trust in coaching as such and our coaching relationship. The benefits from personal coaching are very real for me as they have resulted in positive change.”and “There is an understanding between us that comes from careful listening on both ends, not making assumptions, and asking meaningful questions.” – A.D.

“Amy has a natural free-flowing style to coaching. She conveys a nice sense of empathy and compassion without judgement.”- B.T.

“Amy offers a fresh perspective and has a calmness that takes the drama out of any situation”– L.F.

“You are a great coach! I can’t thank you enough for helping me see things in a new way,for keeping me accountable and helping me reach my goals!” E.P.

“After our conversation it was the first time I realized that change was possible. You brought awareness and attention to a certain area I had never thought possible before. I feel like there was a pivotal moment in our conversation that is allowing me to create change in my life.” – B.C.