What Is Coaching?

What Is Coaching?

“Coaches help people enhance the quality of their lives”
– ICF (The International Coach Federation)

Coaching is a specific process of supporting clients to create change in their lives and achieve targeted goals.

Coaches help clients:

  • Discover solutions using the client’s own knowledge, skills and resources
  • Break through limiting beliefs, doubts and fears that prevent them from moving forward
  • Clarify, establish and achieve goals that are aligned with the client’s values and sense of purpose
  • Discover a new perspective to client’s situation

Coaching is different:

Coaching is not therapy, counseling or psychology. Coaching is free of bias and judgment.

Coaching focuses on the client’s strengths and the future. Coaching is a commitment to forward thinking and action and should not be mistaken for therapeutic intervention.

If you would like to determine if coaching is right for you, I offer a complimentary phone session with no obligation. AIM HERE for more information about the coaching process, rates or to schedule your complimentary trial session.